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Moon in the Window at the Poetry Park

Alison Farone

Click the image to watch 3rd grade student from Lawndale Elementary School reading Dorianne Laux's poem, "Moon in the Window." So thankful to be part of this project. The idea of a poetry park is so amazing and I'm so greatful my poem is featured in the park!

Creativity Challenge!

Alison Farone

Last week my AMG colleagues and I attended Cleveland Creativity Challenge. This event challenged our creativity in three different obstacles while helping Kids in Need. It was an awesome experience and we can't wait to attend next year!

Power2ools Brand & Launch Party

Alison Farone

2 minute tools for life! Every week, Dr. Mark Giuliano, pastor of the Old Stone Church in downtown Cleveland, offers inspirational and entertaining 2 minute messages to help navigate the every day challenges of life that we all face.
— Mark Giuliano

We've been working for the past few weeks to completely brand Power2ools. Last Thursday we got to attend the Launch Party for Power2ools. As designers, I feel that it is very rare that we truly get to feel the response of our final design with the audience. It was wonderful to have that opportunity with this project because it means so much to so many people. Stay tuned for the full project.

New York Stationery Show

Alison Farone

This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the NSS. It was really great to see all of the wonderful greeting cards and stationery. I thought I would show the tradeshow graphics that I designed. There was such amazing and fantastic talent at the show, that it was humbling to have my graphics displayed at a booth. 

Some Handwritten Typography

Alison Farone

Some handwritten typography I have been working on for a few days.  Scanned my sketch into illustrator and penned the final design. It took me about two hours. Just thought everyone needed a friendly reminder that your path (no matter where it may take you) is always the right path. 

Post-Grad Reading

Alison Farone


Since graduating I have found that I have a little bit more time on my hands, which naturally led me to wanting to learn more. So today, I purchased four books (it was hard to pick just four) to read and take all the knowledge I can out of them and apply it to real life. 

• The Little Book of Hand Lettering - Hand Lettering has definitely become a graphic design sensation. I really want to become better at hand lettering because typography is such an important part of communicating your ideas. 

• Burn Your Portfolio: Stuff they don't teach you in design school, but should - The reviews on Amazon about this book were amazing. People said it was life-changing, so I really want to learn as much as I can from this book and apply it to the real world. I thought it was very fitting since I just finished my undergrad.

• Typography Sketchbooks - Steven Heller's books are usually always great, so that played into my decision. I also like that this book shows the progress and how the concept gets started.

• Craft-a-Doodle - This book has 75 creative prompts for doodles. I always love prompts because you usually don't get to choose your design problem in the professional world, so books like this prepare you to work on anything and find passion in it, even if it is just a doodle. 

I will definitely update after I have dug my teeth into these books a little deeper. 

Letterpress Fun

Alison Farone

photo 1.JPG

This is part one of three for my letterpress project. We were asked to pick our favorite word and use typography to convey that word. I picked metamorphosis because of all the changes that are going on in my life right now. I used a spilt fountain ink to change from silver to gold. I still have one more run through the press too make. I am also going to fold it into a intricate fold so the user would actually see the change happen before their eyes.